Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cool treat

I saw this cool summer snack at Gourmet Mom on the Go and I knew I'd found my new favorite dish to bring to BBQs this summer.

I followed Mandy's instructions but made a few changes. We used Watermelon Jell-O because, well, it just made more sense. Instead of mini chocolate chips, we used some chocolate sprinkles we had in our baking stash.

We also decided to do some cantaloupes and filled them with the new melon flavored Jell-O. The cantaloupes looked gross but tasted yummy. The watermelon slices looked and tasted perfect!

Next time I will use a sharper knife to cut these babies. Hopefully then they won't have the jagged edge look.

Looking over the photos I have taken so far this summer, I realized that I really do need a nicer camera. I think I have said it before but now it's time to seriously start saving...


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