Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My house is sort of divided in half. The front half (kitchen, living room & garage) is where Piper lives and the back half (2 bedrooms, bathroom and "hall") is where Bess lives. I have a four foot tall baby gate separating the two. Bess and Piper have lived in the same house for over two years but have never really "met" until tonight.

They have seen each other so they know the other one exists. I wanted to keep them separate because Bess is a little old lady with cancer and I didn't want my huge Piper stressing her out.

Bess is a stubborn girl and she normally gets what she wants. The past few weeks she has wanted in the living room. Because she is sick, she is skinny enough to fit through the slits in the baby gate and a few weeks ago she came into the kitchen while I was preparing her breakfast. Piper was too sleepy to notice the small kitty sauntering right by her.

A and I decided to let Bess come into the living room for short periods of time. Bess would come in, look around, see Piper and run back into her part of the house.

Tonight was different.
I was home alone and Bess was crying to come into the living room. I was eating so Piper was much more interested in my food to notice. Bess got on the back of the couch and napped for a few minutes. Then she went to Pipers water dish and drank from it for about 10 more minutes. Piper was still interested in my dinner.

After a few more minutes of Bess roaming the kitchen, Piper gave up on my food and turned her attention to the cat. I decided it was time for Bess to go back to her room. Bess pitched a fit and cried and cried. I let her out again and she sat on the credenza by the front door. Piper was very interested this time. Piper was shaking but she didn't bark. She was such a good girl for having a huge temptation right in front of her but she didn't take her eyes off Bess.

Bess hissed a little bit but soon got bored and decided to take a nap. Not before she stuck her tongue out at Piper!

I sat there with the two of them for about 10 to 15 minutes but I didn't want to spend my whole evening refereeing so I put Bess back in the bedroom for the night.

Sorry for the grainy photos. the cell phone was the only thing I could grab.


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