Friday, April 3, 2009

101 things, I haven't forgotton you...

There isn’t much going on around here lately.
I am very thankful for it!

We haven’t begun the demolition of the bathroom yet.
A couple of A’s employees called in sick so he had to cover for them on both of his days off.

As far as my 101 Things list, I have a few of them in progress but nothing done except for;

#6 Paint the bathroom

Why is this on my list?:
The original paint made the bathroom look dirty.

How did I do it?:
had some left over wall paint and I had left over ceiling paint. It was pretty quick since the room is 5X8 and covered mostly by tile.

How did it feel?:
Pointless. Shortly after I finished painting we discovered a huge leak and now have to fully remodel the bathroom.

Here are some updated "before" photos. The walls & sink cabinet are painted and the new shelves are up. I didn't bother cleaning since it will all be ripped out soon. Between the tub and the sink you can see some of the nastiness we have to look forward to when we pull up the floor. I even made a little layout of the room for you.


whatsherface said...

For what it's worth, I think the sink cabinet looks GREAT!!

Layne said...

Not anymore. The water damage messed that up

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