Sunday, March 29, 2009

Washed up

Remember how I told you that we were going to do some minor improvements to the bathroom? Well, I painted and A hung some new towel bars and shelves. No, I don't have any photos right now. Why? Well, we have had a minor leak in the tub. We would find a pool of water under the sink after showers. It has rotted away our under the sink cabinet. I noticed it when I was painting and the wood would come off as I painted. No big deal right? Well, now the floor is squishy and I poked a few holes in it when I was wearing my stilettos.

Yesterday we had a monsoon. Okay, just a torrential downpour. Well, the walls started leaking... What the?? Now it smells moldy in there. For fear of getting black lung from toxic mold, A and I decided that the bathroom is now #1 on the priority list along with the roof. Thanks Arkansas weather!! We had to do some creative financing but I think we have enough to fix both.

So what was supposed to be an "after" post is now a "before revisited" post. Needless to say I am stressed out. We are going to do the work ourselves because we can't afford to hire someone and A really thinks we can do it. I am sure we can do it. I just hope we can get it done quickly and ulcer free.

I will keep you updated!


whatsherface said...

OMG, I'd be so stressed out, too - especially considering what we already went through with that toxic mold in our duplex on Sunhill drive - do you remember that crap?! I'm convinced it did some permanent damage to my lungs, living in that damp hole for 6 months (or was it a year?).

Anyway, owning an older home has its pros and cons; on the plus side, you get all that charm and uniqueness (as opposed to the cookie-cutter suburbia homes popping up all over the place). But on the negative side, it's a never-ending series of repairs and home improvement projects. As soon as you get one hurdle tackled, another problem springs up.

For me, it seems like I can never get to the improvement projects I want to take on for fun, because I'm always having to save up for the necessary (but not-so-fun) repair projects!

I hope your bathroom repair project progresses swiftly and easily so you and A can move on to the more fun DECORATING part of the upgrade.

(p.s., I sent you a rather long email to your personal account since I've not been at work for awhile.)


Taha Kahands said...

They're a pro as though that project was an Wellness Supplement integral part of the solution. You may have to convince yourself of that. Regardless, I won't do it for you. It was forgivable.

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