Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two lives one night

Last night I woke up gasping for breath. This has happened to me several times before but last night was the worst. I honestly felt like I was going to die. I was having so much trouble catching my breath and it was hard to swallow. When I finally felt like I was breathing well, I was shaking so hard and I was so cold. I decided to lay slightly sitting up but I had a hard time falling back to sleep because I was so scared I went into a panic attack. I still felt a bit shaky this morning and I am exhausted.

Usually when I wake up feeling like I am choking, I am dreaming that I swallowed marbles or a pen or something. It feels like I have something in my throat.

Do I have sleep apnea? I have wondered this for a while but I think it is time to find out. My Mom has Gurd and I had a lot of problems with esophagus spasms a few years back so it could be that as well. My coworker swears it's sinus drainage.

My doctor said I could have a sleep study but I can’t afford one right now. In the mean time A bought me a foam inclined plane (haha I learned that on Sid the Science Kid) to lie on. (He also brought me flowers. He is such a sweetie!)

In my Second Life; I made this cute little Easter Basket. It's free at my booth on Babydoll's Island (I also made the dress but I am not finished with it...). I am doing a 250+ Easter Egg hunt. There are some fantastic freebies (like the ears I am wearing that I modified) and I am a big fan of hunts, so I am having a blast.

The only reason I started playing around in SL again is because my bestie J asked me to make some outfits for her Sorority's pledge week. I hope I make her proud.


Christy said...

I've had this happen to me once, and they just told me it was a panic attack and that if it continued I would have to go on meds for it. It would be good to get a sleep study though to rule out sleep apnea. I hope you don't have anymore episodes.. how awful.

whatsherface said...

Your SL outfit instantly reminded me of your artwork on our over-the-mantle Marilyn Manson poster, ROFL!

How much is a sleep study? Maybe we could take up a collection - I'm totally serious. I can't imagine waking up in the middle of the night feeling like that. :(

Layne said...

Not sure but my deductable is $750 and I have only used $200 and the insurance chick seems to think it will cost way more than my deductable...

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