Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Piece of cake

Our Biggest Looser challenge started yesterday. I weighed in at a whopping 183 which was less than I thought. I was sure I was about to hit 190 (193 is my heaviest weight ever). We are in groups of three so the grand prize, aside from looking fabulous, is $70 each.

It is only day two and everyone is grouchy from hunger. We are trying to cut out all the bad snacking we do during the day. There is a drawer in our department filled with goodies. We just need to toss the junk and replace it with fruits and whatever else healthy people snack on. I already have a caffeine headache but I know in a few days it will be gone. A is trying to do the challenge with me which will be a great help. Having someone at home to keep me accountable is definitely what I need.

The hardest part for me will be exercising. Because I am so unhealthy, I have no energy… It is a miracle if I can wake up early enough to get to work on time. I am also lacking in the willpower area (geez I sound super lazy!). I think I’ll start out on the Wii fit. I just hope it remembers who I am! I’d like to keep taking Piper for walks but it has been so cold, even with her jacket on, she just shivers and shivers.

One of my team mates found this fantastic site where you can count calories, find recipes and join groups. I joined a Wii Fit group and a group about getting fit for your wedding.

I guess I won’t be eating any more of the rainbow cake D and I made this weekend… I got the idea here but instead of using her recipe, I just used the box recipe. Next time I am going to make it egg white only so the colors are brighter. I also forgot to make the red batter larger than the purple so you can barely see the red (not that you can tell anyway with my poopy camera). The frosting colors are all D’s idea. It may look funny but it tastes yummy!

P.S. Speaking of Piper, Her staph is gone and her wounds are almost healed. She still has a few weeks of antibiotics to go. Since she is on her steroids again she is gaining weight. My poor pooch just can’t win.


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