Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, they aren't "New" but they are new to me. They look like they were hardly ever worn and they were free!! (Yes, the shoes in the first photo are furry LOL) I love free stuff especially if it comes in the form of sexy shoes.

I received an apology today. It totally caught me off guard and wasn't expected. It was from a boy who I loved before I met A. I won't go into it but he did me wrong and broke my heart and at the time he thought he wasn't at fault. I harbored a lot of hate toward him for a long time. I prayed and prayed for release but it never came. He said God showed him that he did treat me like a jerk and put it on his heart to apologize. I am very thankful for this apology and I am looking forward to closure and getting rid of any ugliness left in my heart from him.

I am so thankful for forgiveness. Thankful to give it and receive it.


Christy said...

Wow.. apologies like that don't come very often. How blessed you must feel.

Love the shoes!!!

whatsherface said...

I'm dying to know...WHO?!

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