Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Our V-day was pretty tame. We had D all weekend so the romantic stuff went out the window. I did get some pretty flowers from my Big and Little Sweeties! I love the bright colors of Gerbera Daisies.

D and I made some cookies and I impressed her with my mad skills of mixing food coloring with white frosting to make any color frosting she could think of. I didn't take any photos though... I sent all the cookies home with her because I am just not into 1/4 inch of cookie with 2 inches of frosting.

This is what I made for A. I got the idea from One Pretty Thing (although I can't find the actual post to the "how to" part). On each card I put one reason why I love my man. 52 reasons in all. Some reasons were mushy, some funny and some were inside jokes between he and I. He absolutely LOVED this. He has been showing it to everyone. Yay me! It was cheap and easy but very time consuming. I was afraid I wouldn't get it done in time because i am such a procrastinator.

I also participated in the WoW V-day events and won myself this cute little cupid pet. Doesn't he just make you fall in love? It must be his ripped abs.

On a not-so-fun note, Piper's allergies are so bad she gave herself a staph infection on her ear. It looks revolting, it hurts her and is possibly contagious to humans. Do you know how hard it is to remember not to pet the cute doggie on the head? My poor baby. The infection is supposed to clear up quickly. I really hope so. For every one's sake.


whatsherface said...

I LOVE the card idea!! Very cool, and mad props to you for getting it done in time! :)

The flowers are very pretty, too. I totally love when they do something other than generic roses. *high fives A*

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