Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Staph Sucks

My poor, poor baby Piper... My heart aches for her. She doesn't want to sit on the couch with me because she is afraid that I am going to clean her wounds or put some sort of ointment on her. I hope she knows it is all to make her feel better. I am washing her blankets and my hands to the point that they are feeling dry. I sure as heck do not want to catch this infection. Piper's food looks like a rainbow with all the pills I have to give her. Thankfully she eats it all with no hassles.

I hope this goes away quickly.
R is coming to visit next month and she told me that Staph is very dangerous to Cystics. I really want all of this gone long before she comes. I would hate for this to get in the way of our visit. I haven't seen her since her 30th B-day bash...

Prayers said and fingers crossed.


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