Monday, February 2, 2009

Slap Chop Obsessed

I was minding my own business hanging laundry when this happened:

Layne, there is this cool slap thing. It's for stuff that's small like an onion. Well, you put the onion in it, slap it and it cuts the onion into small pieces and it even peels the skin off like, wah-la!


And it grates cheese into little pieces too! I am going to write the phone number down for you the next time I see it!

Sweet. Thank you.

I am cooking more often lately but I have no need for a "
Slap Chop" nor do I have a desire to own one. So I continue to hang clothes. A few minutes later she comes into the room with the above drawing.

I got the number for you. This is how much it costs and what it looks like.

Thank you so much. I like your picture.

Want your phone so you can order it?

No thank you.

Will you order it tomorrow?

Probably not.

Okay well here is the number just in case.

She set the paper on my desk and went on her merry way. I have no idea where this obsession came from or why she wants me to order it so badly. The only thing I can think of is that in the commercial it says something about being so easy even a kid can use it.


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