Sunday, February 1, 2009

Moving forward

Views from the front door

It seems that most of the town has their power back.
I had a full day's work Friday which I needed.
Mom's power came back on around 7 last night.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. The sun was melting all the ice and people were able to start cleaning up the carnage the storm left behind.
There was a whole lot of chainsawing, pulling and stacking going on.
A and I got the front yard almost cleaned up and we were going to start on the back yard today.

A few minutes ago Piper started parking her head off. It was a different bark than her usual so I knew something was going on. In a bath robe with nappy hair I went to tell her to hush it. There were at least three men in the back yard! Thankfully they were the electric guys coming to cut the tree off our roof and the power lines. They were worried that the tree did damage to the roof so A is up there taking photos for the insurance company. The electric guys wanted to make sure this got done so they wouldn't be blamed for any damage.

A is going to show me how to use a chainsaw. Hopefully I can handle it without loosing any body parts...

Edit: I misunderstood. The electric guys did cut the trees away from the wires but they didn't take the tree off my roof :(


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