Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The day after

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Here are some photos and video from our house this morning.
Thankfully our house appears just fine. We are one of the few homes in town that still has power, cable and internet. Thank you GOD! Phones are working off and on which caused some drama with BM. So D ended up going home with her. So, if you try to call and I don't answer, it's not because I am avoiding you, it's because I never heard the phone ring. If you leave a message and I don't call back, it's because I can't listen to voice mail or my calls won't connect.

The main roads aren't too bad so we went to check on a few "little old ladies" for my mom. Neither wanted to come with us. We will be checking on them again later.

Mom says she is still doing fine without power. She may try to venture out later to go get one of the "little old ladies" because I have a feeling one of them really wanted to come with us but she felt like she was being a burden...

Sis is fine but they called her into work so she is very unhappy. She doesn't live close to her job and although things aren't as bad up there, the roads are still slick enough to worry her.

One of A's coworker's and his family are coming to stay with us. I am not sure for how long so that will be an adventure.

I think those are the main points for now.

Another transformer catching fire

Check out some video of our ice jungle AKA back yard


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