Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice, Ice baby. Too cold. Too cold!

Today we have what they call "inclement weather". These first photos are very pretty with the icecycles everywhere...

Well, the ice became so heavy that the tree branches couldn't support it anymore. The branches started to fall like rain. If you stand outside, even now, all you hear is the ice rain and the snapping of limbs. We lost power twice but it is on now. I made dinner as fast as I could, just in case. Praise GOD that we only have a few small branches on the roof. Our neighbors aren't so lucky. I don't see any serious damage from the windows but I am sure not going outside right now to investigate further. I am not sure we have a single tree left. We have some stumps and a huge mess of limbs in the front and back yards. We are truly blessed though because our fence is standing, the house is standing and we are cozy inside by the fire with full bellies.
Mom doesn't have power but she says she is fine. If she needs anything, we will go get her but she says it isn't necessary right now. She says she feels like a pioneer. Leave it to my mom to always look on the bright side of things!
Sis is fine. She made it home from work safely and she has power.
After this is over I think the neighborhood should have a chainsaw party. We will all have enough kindling for the rest of the winter...

Our poor neighbor's yard early this afternoon

Front of our house earlier this afternoon


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