Sunday, January 11, 2009

“Good night Stepmom!”

That’s what I heard Monday night as I was tucking D into bed.
It was so weird to hear her call me that (neither A or I told her she had to or even suggested it) but it was a good weird.
I told her that she could also call me “Bonus Mom” but that launched her into a spiel about The Jonas Brother’s having a Bonus Brother and then she started calling me “Jonas Bonus Mother the second” LOL


Our Christmas was wonderful but I felt like the true meaning of the season was sort of lost. When I asked D what Christmas really is about, she said it was Baby Jesus’ Birthday. So she has the jest of it but our holiday was definitely about Santa and the gifts. A and I talked it over and we decided that next year we will “adopt” a child around D’s age and have her help us pick out gifts so she can learn a bit about helping out others.

When Sis and I were young, Mom and Dad read us the birth of Christ from the Bible every Christmas Eve. I think it is a great idea but I also remember not being able to concentrate on the story because I was thinking about all the gifts under the tree…

We do need to figure out a way to have fun with all the "Santa" stuff without forgetting Jesus. Suggestions?

There was more I wanted to say about Christmas but it seems so long ago that I don't feel like talking about it any more. I will say that A's Dad bought me the sewing machine I really wanted and he put "To: Layne From: FFIL" and it made me cry because I feel so blessed to be marrying into a great family. I also got a few gifts from my "Future Husband" and my "Fiance'" which thrilled me as well.


Okay so the above blog stuff should have been posted quite a few days ago but things have been super busy here. We have some drama going on that I can't tell you about just yet and we started redecorating. I will post some of our "before" photos later tonight.

Due to the drama and the redecorating we decided that I should QUIT MY NIGHT JOB!!!
I think we can financially handle it since I will be going back to 40 hours at the bank (Yay for mortgage rates dropping!) time to cross another one off the list!

#3. Stop working so much

Why is this on my list?:
I have two jobs due to my credit card obsession. I don't have any time for family, friends or even myself.

How did I do it?: I spoke with my boss and she said as soon as she heard I was engaged, she knew it was only a matter of time before I would be giving my notice. She was so super nice about it and I know I can go back if ever I need to.

How did it feel?: Feels great! Once my two weeks are up it will feel even better!! A is excited to have more time with me as well.


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