Sunday, January 11, 2009

DIY progress

In case I haven't mentioned this before, A and I are trying to update my... our house on our own. We are both so scatter brained about it, it will be a miracle if we get one room completely done! We have been watching the DIY channel like crazy lately and we've been getting some great ideas. Now if we only had a budget of 30K per room like most of these folks have, we'd be in business!

I know I posted about my ugly kitchen, emphasis on the "ug", but peeling off the many layers of wall paper was getting me bummed. I decided to start on a smaller room instead. The "hall" is the smallest room in the house but it also has wall paper so I skipped it and went on to the bathroom.

The bathroom is tiny and has this mauvey-rose colored tile, sink and tub. The walls are nasty and sort of an off white and the laminate is okay but needs to be pulled up due to water damage. Once A and I can get some money together, this is the room we will blow it all in. Until then, I decided a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware would hold us over just fine.

When I got done painting I realized that the white paint just magnified how ugly the tile is. I won't show you an "after" photo just yet because I haven't painted the cabinet under the sink nor have I installed any hardware.

Don't mind the mess!

The purple stuff is spackle.

I also painted D's ceiling because A bought her a new fan. I am going to paint the fan blades as well.

What else? Oh, we cleaned the garage and rearranged the furniture in the living room and it looks a ton better. We are trying the "less is more" approach. A also started switching out all the outlets from off white to white and the light switches to these flat kind.

Very slowly we are seeing progress and that makes me want to keep going. I hope we can make the house look nice without having to spend too much. I just wish I had a knack for the design details to pull all the rooms together.

Dog tired after a long weekend!


Christy said...

You've been very busy!!! WOW.. makes me feel so lazy. Can't wait to see after pics.

Layne said...

Hello Mrs. "I just had a transplant"! Give yourself a break, you have been busy staying alive. I hope you and Little C feel better soon.

Water said...

This bathroom is clean compared to my kid's bathroom :-) Sounds like a good plan, post the pics as you progress:-)

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