Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Come Look!"

"I have diarrhea! Come look!"
Really? Is this part of my job description as a S.M.T.B.? Is there something I should be looking for exactly? A color, smell or texture that should alert me to something more then just some loose stool? She is acting normal so I'm just keeping her hydrated. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that someone gave her Burger King AND Arby's while I was at work last night...


Water said...

Piper should know better than to give a child such greasy food LOL!

Uhm.... usually these things work out. Keeping her hydrated is the best thing. If it goes on for more than 48 hours and there is no improvement, call the dr. it could be something other than a virus. Blueberries are yummy and a good stool binder. Bannanas too. Keep her on banannas, blueberries, rice, toast, tea, and clear liquids.

Unfortuneately kids think you want to see their poop :-)

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAH! That's how I feel when my kids come home from their Wednesday night dinner with their dad at Friendlies and have eaten some sort of fluorescent blue dessert.

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