Tuesday, January 6, 2009

16. Go one month without eating any fast food

I had a totally different blog written up but I left it at work. Boo!

So instead I thought I'd take a minute to let you know that January will be my month of no fast food. If I have absolutely no other option than to eat at a fast food restaurant, I will only eat a salad (sans the chicken strip I usually get on top). I will also only eat salads from the night job since I get a free dinner each time I work and I have a hard time passing up free food.

Not eating fast food means more cooking which leads to the need for a proper shopping trip. Not looking forward to that.

When I was single, I never cooked for myself so the things I know how to make are very few. I can make a killer BLT, mean hamburger helper and the yummiest butter noodles ever. Impressive huh? Watch out Rachel Ray!

Recently I made chocolate chip pancakes and my very first omelet which made A's mouth water. Seems like I have breakfast and kid food covered. Now it's time to learn some real recipes!

Do either of my two readers have any suggestions?


Christy said...

I suggest you go to foodnetwork.com and start a recipe box. Once you start browsing there, you will find tons of recipes to put in your box. I have made a lot of things from there. Stay away from Rachael Ray though.. she uses tons of fat and carbs in her recipes.

Good luck with this. I have to stay away from the fast food b/c of the sodium content. I really miss my BigMacs. :(

Water said...

I agree with your friend Christy, food network is a good place to find recipes for the novice or the experienced :-)
the recipes will tell you the level of difficulty and time it should take.

Julie takes a lot of recipes from the "Semi Homemade" show. I use recipes from Bobby Flay, Paula Dean, and the Barefoot Contessa.

The kid's favorites that I make are:

Shepherd's Pie, Chicken N Dumplings and Clam Chowder (my own recipes, but they are on the food network too)

Of my favorite chefs on the food network, Bobby Flay is probably the best bet health wise. Paula Dean would put butter on fresh fruit LOL! The Barefoot Contessa makes mainly french foods which are also full of fat and carbs. I usually replace butter with olive oil wich is healthier.

Someone in our family I'm sure has Grandma Heston's recipe box. Boy, she could make anything. She grew up during hard times and learned to be very resourceful.

Don't forget to involve D in the menue plans and the cooking. If you play your cards right, she should be able to make you dinner by the time she is 15 :-) Plus it is a good avenue to bond.

Also, the way to a man's heart really is his stomach and his nose. They find a cooking woman sexy. LOL! I don't know how many times Russ has complimented me on how good I smell after I have made bacon! :-) He smells my hair the rest of the day hee hee! I keep telling people I need to make a perfume line for women with fragrances like eu de bacon, steak fufu or cake de chocolate LOl!

As far as having a family and cooking goes, planning a menue in advance and writing your shopping list and sticking to it, saves time, money and grey hair; especially if you work. I usually double batch meals and we eat one and freeze the other to eat later. This really helps in a crunch. Always keep something easy (Mac-N-Cheese, hot dogs, Pork-N-Beans) on hand as well just in case of unexpected friends coming over. One of the kids usually has a friend or two over here during dinner. The kids friends love to come over here because I am the only mom that makes dinner anymore.

Well love ya and I'm excited to hear about your cuisine journey.

whatsherface said...

No cooking tips from me - well, actually, I DO have one very yummy, super easy recipe...I will email it to ya soon. But just wanted to let you know, your readership has increased! :)

pve design said...

We vowed to only eat at home as a way to save and not only that, we enjoy breaking bread and sharing a meal and summarizing our day, the good and the bad.
There are so many wonderful recipes on line and eating whole foods is always better for you.
We have saved so much already - feeding a family of 5 and one dog can be costly if you eat fast food and afterwards, one feels so bad.
Good Luck!
Consumer Reports has an entire article on eating and saving.

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