Monday, December 22, 2008

Two down, lots to go!

#69. Give Christmas Cards to the neighbors & Mail person

Why is this on my list?: I had lived in my home over a year and aside from the across-the-street neighbor mowing my lawn once, I hadn’t met any of my neighbors. Since Adrian I started dating, he has introduced himself to almost everyone. They have lent us tools and helped us hunt down Piper when she ran away. I thought it would be nice to remember them during Christmas.

How did I do it?: At first I was just going to give out Christmas cards but I decided to make some treats (Chocolate-Strawberry Creams shown in photo above) as well. The cards were from Wal-Mart and I got the recipe (which I modified a bit) from Ms. Betty Crocker. I put them in little tins I got at the Dollar store. Here’s hoping I don’t send anyone into diabetic shock!

How did it feel?: I delivered the goodies on Friday during my lunch break. Some folks weren’t home, a couple were surprised and one person didn’t remember who I was. I left the USPS carrier goodies in the mail box (I forgot to put the flag up but he still got them). I’m glad I did it. I might just do it again next year.


#70. Bake Christmas cookies for coworkers

Why is this on my list?: I love getting Christmas goodies so I thought I’d make some for my coworkers at our mother branch.

How did I do it?: Last night I baked these cookies and these and tried to make these but they turned out nasty and went straight into the trash. I put the cookies in little tins and plastic buckets from the Dollar store too.

How did it feel?: Tiring. I baked from 7 to 11 something and burned a bunch of the cookies. A said they all tasted good but I was frustrated because I am a perfectionist. They didn’t turn out how I envisioned them but I sent them off anyway.


water said...

I think you are quite the Domestic Diva :-) Kudos! I made fudge, zucchini bread and rice crispy squares on Friday to distribute to neighbors, but they got eaten by the 23 teenagers that were at my house Saturday night LOL! So I took what was left and gave it to ma & pa & my bro.

I still have two days though, so I will try again :-)

It's okay to be a little of a perfectionist.... I'd rather have a perfectionist handling my money at a bank than someone who doesn't worry about balancing to the last penny:-)

Love you!

XXOO Christy


I don't respond every day to your blogs because I am old and it takes me several minutes to remember my sign on name and password, but I do read them:-)

Layne said...

Thank goodness my job at the bank has nothing to do with actual money! I could never be a teller. Too many regulations to remember.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

P.S. Your dad called for D pretending to be Santa but she was too shy to talk to him. He had a nice chat with A though!

water said...

Did it involve the "what are your intentions" line? LOL!

He's really sweet, and really needs something to do right now. He can't hold the kiddos right now or do much of anything else so I'm glad he called.

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