Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The death of a Bimbo

Many months ago, while reading the Daily Mail UK, I came across an article about a new game called Miss Bimbo. Since I am a gamer and I love train wrecks I had to check this game out. I stuck the link in my favorites and totally forgot about it.

When I was organizing my favorites I came across the link. A few days ago I actually signed up to see what it was all about.

The photo above is how my Bimbo started out. She's not too smart but she is happy. My first goals were to get a new hairdo, find an apartment and register for a training course to get a job. Then I had to find a boyfriend (sorry no photos of him) and buy a new outfit. You are supposed to feed your Bimbo every day but if you feed her too much and she gains weight, she looses happiness. There are cute little games you can play to gain IQ points. One of the games, Wordo, is a "guess the word" game which is very hard because the word you are trying figure out is rarely spelled correctly. I just used process of letter elimination... You can also challenge other Bimbos to see who is the better Bimbo.

The game is a bit boring and it takes a long time for the pages to load. I forgot about the game for a few days and when I tried to log in last night I saw this...

I guess if I want to see if getting a boob job is really an option I'll have to reset or pay $20. Me thinks not. R.I.P my sweet Bimbo. I leave you with a photo of what she looked like before her passing.


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