Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It was a very Merry Christmas

Christmas was awesome, fantastic or awesometastic as my cousin Mo would say.
It was busy, busy but so much fun. I felt so much love from my growing family.

The best part for me was Christmas Eve. I got to see Christmas through the eyes of a child and it made me feel so young. I’ve never experienced a Christmas with a little one around. I have been a swingin’ single (ok, I have been a self proclaimed hermit) for a long, long time. My nieces and nephew never lived close enough to me and this is the first time I have been in a serious relationship with a man who has a child. I wanted to make sure things were done right!

D still believes in Santa. My sis and I were told at a young age that Santa wasn’t real. I don’t remember ever putting out cookies but Santa did fill our stockings and gave us gifts but we always new that Santa = Daddy. They had the same handwriting for crying-out-loud! It didn’t make our Christmas any less fun. More on that in a bit…

I asked my Uncle to call and pretend he was Santa. I stuck a photo of Santa in my phone and set a special ring tone so that when he called it would say “Santa” was calling. It worked except she was too shy to talk to him! She asked me to tell him what she wanted. Oh well, thanks for being a good sport Uncle!

I showed D the Santa Tracker when we got home from Christmas Eve Dinner. She thought it was great. We left it on the computer so we could monitor his whereabouts. D wanted to rewrite her letter to Santa to add, “I will love what ever you bring me and even if I already have it, I will love it.” I think she was trying to score some last minute good girl points. We frosted some cookies, (more like cookied some frosting) set out the note and threw carrots on the roof for Rudolph.

We were sitting on the bed watching “Home Alone” when she noticed Santa was in South America. She pointed him out and told me she was ready for bed. I asked her if she had brushed her teeth and she said, “No”. Just then Santa had moved to Florida and she let out a little scream and jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom and brushed fast and furiously. She ran out and said, “I brushed fast but I did a good job. Good night!” and ran back to bed. It was so darn cute!

A and I had plenty of time to stuff stockings but we kept our eye on Santa. Since Santa’s cookies had so much frosting, we decided to toss them in the outside trash. I did take a bite out of one to leave on the plate. A said, “Thanks for taking one for the team!”
I wrote D a note “from Santa” thanking her for the cookies and if she keeps remembering her ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ he’d be back next year. Santa “arrived” around 11:30pm.

Christmas morning she found the letter and was so excited. “Santa wrote me a letter!” She read it to us and then we opened gifts. Santa did get her something from her list and A and I got her some good stuff as well. We all had a blast.

Even though it wasn’t technically our first Christmas together, it was our first Christmas as a family and I enjoyed every minute of it.

There is more I want to say, mostly for nostalgia sake, but I will post that in the next few days.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town

Photo taken from here
And if you’d like to check his progress and see photos and video of where he’s been, click here!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Two down, lots to go!

#69. Give Christmas Cards to the neighbors & Mail person

Why is this on my list?: I had lived in my home over a year and aside from the across-the-street neighbor mowing my lawn once, I hadn’t met any of my neighbors. Since Adrian I started dating, he has introduced himself to almost everyone. They have lent us tools and helped us hunt down Piper when she ran away. I thought it would be nice to remember them during Christmas.

How did I do it?: At first I was just going to give out Christmas cards but I decided to make some treats (Chocolate-Strawberry Creams shown in photo above) as well. The cards were from Wal-Mart and I got the recipe (which I modified a bit) from Ms. Betty Crocker. I put them in little tins I got at the Dollar store. Here’s hoping I don’t send anyone into diabetic shock!

How did it feel?: I delivered the goodies on Friday during my lunch break. Some folks weren’t home, a couple were surprised and one person didn’t remember who I was. I left the USPS carrier goodies in the mail box (I forgot to put the flag up but he still got them). I’m glad I did it. I might just do it again next year.


#70. Bake Christmas cookies for coworkers

Why is this on my list?: I love getting Christmas goodies so I thought I’d make some for my coworkers at our mother branch.

How did I do it?: Last night I baked these cookies and these and tried to make these but they turned out nasty and went straight into the trash. I put the cookies in little tins and plastic buckets from the Dollar store too.

How did it feel?: Tiring. I baked from 7 to 11 something and burned a bunch of the cookies. A said they all tasted good but I was frustrated because I am a perfectionist. They didn’t turn out how I envisioned them but I sent them off anyway.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

#95 Cook at least one homemade dinner for my Mom each year (1/3)

I can't believe I totally forgot about this one!

My mom's birthday was on the 7th. She was moving my Opa to town and would be back the 6th. I knew she would be exhausted so I decided to cook her dinner for her birthday.

It just so happened that Schwan's was having a benefit for my friend Mellissa. 10% of everything they sold on the 6th would go to her. I bought salmon (mom's fave) & garlic cheese rolls for the dinner. I was supposed to get blackberry cobbler and free ice cream but they said they sold out and didn't have any more at the warehouse.

We ended up having the salmon, rolls, steamed veggies, rice pilaf and blackberry cobbler (from a local grocer). Sis and A helped me cook and we had a great time and a yummy dinner. We even did the dishes after dessert!

I don't know why we didn't take photos. I am sorry.


My Opa moved into his assisted living apartment on Friday. He already made two new friends. Mom says one of the men is a real take-charge kind of guy so she is hoping he will take my Opa under his wing.

His apartment is so nice! It hasn't been occupied so the carpets are clean. The bathroom is huge, the living room is huge and his bedroom isn't bad either. I don't know why I had it in my head that it would be disgusting and smell like urine. It was the polar opposite of what I assumed. They have a fun room with a pool table, another with a flat screen TV, two formal dining areas and it's own beauty salon. We met a couple of the nurses and they were super sweet. I feel very safe and relieved to know he is in great hands.


Christmas Events for my newly blended family;

Christmas Eve Afternoon - My Mom's to open gifts with D
Christmas Eve Night - A's Dad's family to open gifts with D
Christmas Early Morning - Our house to open gifts and stockings with D
Christmas Morning - D goes to see her Mom
Christmas Afternoon - Go back to A's Dad's family and open the grownup's gifts
Christmas Evening - Go back to my Mom's where Sis and Opa will join us to open grownup's gifts

Somewhere in the middle of all that we need to spend time with A's Mom & family.

It seems stressful but I feel so blessed to have a ton of people to be with during the Holiday's.

Friday, December 19, 2008

62. Put up a Christmas tree each year (1/3)

I have been feeling very sad over the past few days because I thought I put the word “real” in #62 but I didn’t YAY! I dodged that list bullet.

I wanted a real Christmas tree this year but it just didn’t work out. Piper has been a bad girl the past few months (stealing; presents, tape, wrapping paper, ornaments in boxes etc.) so we just don’t trust her around a real tree. Then there was the issue of going to get the tree and getting it home and the mess of the needles. You know how it goes.

I don’t mind my pre-lit faux tree. We didn’t have less fun decorating it because it wasn’t real and the end result is just as lovely. I just miss the smell of a real one. One whiff of a Fir tree sends me back to Christmases when I was young, both naughty and nice, and instantly puts me in a happy mood.

I went on a search to find a candle that smells like a Christmas tree. I tried our local Hallmark and all they had were mixes of tree smell with a sweet smell. I was not into it. I tried my luck at good ol’ Wal-Mart and found what I was looking for. Let’s see if I can get the tree and the candle to fool anyone… or at least fool me.


Normally during the week before Christmas we have a little group of middle schoolers who come and sing and dance for us (at the day job). Last year their music instructor retired so we probably won’t be getting any entertainment. This makes me sad because they are so stinking cute. They make me cry like a proud Momma every time.


The Salvation Army just came and took the Teddy Bear Tree today. I am going to miss it but I know the bears are going to make some little kids very happy


My Christmas shopping is done but I still have a few things to wrap and a ton of baking.
Add cleaning the entire house to the mix and I am going to have a very busy weekend.

Here is the yummy gingerbread house D and I made.
I know it's yummy because I took a bite out of it last night!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


We have been sick the past couple of days so nothing too blog worthy has happened. Unless you'd like to hear about how messy the house is because no one feels up to cleaning it!

Instead I give you a photo of A and Bess fixing the tub's faucet. Bess wanted her new daddy to hurry up because drinking from the faucet is her favorite thing ever. Since she is a spoiled princess, I let her drink from it often :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What do you think about this?

Tuesday was our one year anniversary.

A took me to dinner at Chili’s were we had good food and great conversation. After dinner we came back home to relax and just be together. When I walked into the house there was incense burning and a bouquet of flowers on the coffee table along with a movie and an assortment of my favorite candies and snacks. I was totally surprised! His dad had snuck over while we were at dinner and set it all up and thankfully Piper didn’t get into any of it.

While I was “oohing” and “ahhhing” over the flowers, he came up behind me and said, “What do you think about this?” and he held out a ring box.
“What is it?”
“What do you think about it?”
“Is this what I think it is?”
By now we are both crying.
It took him a few minutes to actually get the “Will you marry me?” out.
I asked him a few times if he was sure he wanted to marry me. When he assured me that he did, I said, “of course” I’d marry him!!!
We just hugged and cried and whispered sweet nothings to one another.

Wednesday night, while I was at work, A had a talk with D and she told him that she is happy. Her only concern was if we had a baby, where would it sleep?
During her bath she drew on the shower wall with the soap crayons “Dad’s getting Married” with a stick man on one knee in front of a stick girl.

Later that night when I tucked her into bed I asked her to tell me how she is feeling. She said she was happy and that if I have a baby girl, could we name it Deborah (pronounced de-bore-ahh)? I told her that it would be a while before I have a baby and we have plenty of time to pick names. Deborah??? LOL!!

The past few days have been a blur of phone calls, emails, texts and people coming to see my ring (It was his Great Grandmother’s).

I love this man so much. I almost feel like I don’t deserve him. He is the most caring, tender, sweet, funny, handsome man I have ever met. I am overjoyed and so blessed and I can’t wait to be a wife and a stepmom.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The death of a Bimbo

Many months ago, while reading the Daily Mail UK, I came across an article about a new game called Miss Bimbo. Since I am a gamer and I love train wrecks I had to check this game out. I stuck the link in my favorites and totally forgot about it.

When I was organizing my favorites I came across the link. A few days ago I actually signed up to see what it was all about.

The photo above is how my Bimbo started out. She's not too smart but she is happy. My first goals were to get a new hairdo, find an apartment and register for a training course to get a job. Then I had to find a boyfriend (sorry no photos of him) and buy a new outfit. You are supposed to feed your Bimbo every day but if you feed her too much and she gains weight, she looses happiness. There are cute little games you can play to gain IQ points. One of the games, Wordo, is a "guess the word" game which is very hard because the word you are trying figure out is rarely spelled correctly. I just used process of letter elimination... You can also challenge other Bimbos to see who is the better Bimbo.

The game is a bit boring and it takes a long time for the pages to load. I forgot about the game for a few days and when I tried to log in last night I saw this...

I guess if I want to see if getting a boob job is really an option I'll have to reset or pay $20. Me thinks not. R.I.P my sweet Bimbo. I leave you with a photo of what she looked like before her passing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

He asked...

and I said, "Yes!" That's all I can say for now. I'll tell you more later, I still have phone calls to make!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Watching #29 float away

Last month we received an email at work asking for volunteers to help make the company float for our town's Christmas parade. I immediately replied that I would love to take part. I thought it would be the perfect thing to do for #29 (Participate in at least one community event each year) on my list. I was asked what days and times I would be available and that I would be contacted once a date was set. I was excited.

A few weeks ago we received another email asking the days and times we were available. I responded again.

Last Friday I was getting ready to leave work and I over heard someone say, "We better leave soon or we will never get out of here with the parade starting soon." WTF? The parade? I turned to my Boss (who also volunteered for the float building) and asked her if she helped build our float and she said she'd never heard back about it.

I didn't make it to the parade because I ended up having to work my night job and I still don't know if we even had a float...

So... I think I will try to do two community events next year since I will have more options.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

In my head

I am a thinker, a planner and a worrier.
I am always thinking, planning or worrying about something.
It causes me to have anxiety, nightmares and stomach pains.
I don’t get a good nights rest and I have bloody nubs for fingers.
All of this is very mentally and physically exhausting to me.

I will think, plan and/or worry about things that haven’t even happened and may not happen. “What if it does happen?” I think to myself, “I need to be prepared!” and I go over any possible outcome.

I do this with the simplest things. At breakfast I think about what we have for lunch and at lunch I worry about what to make for dinner. It is very hard for me to relax and just be in the moment and truly enjoy anything.

And Heaven forbid my plans get changed or things don’t turn out as planned. I nearly have a nervous breakdown even if things can easily be fixed. I feel like I am a huge wound up jack-in-the-box ready to pop at any time and that my life is slipping by because I can’t just stop and breathe.

If I step back and evaluate things, I really have nothing to stress over.
I am healthy (aside from being overweight), have a caring family, have an amazing boyfriend, I own my own home and have two jobs. I am very much on the fortunate side. So, why can’t I just let myself be happy?

How do I make it stop?


On a much happier note;
I can’t believe I forgot to tell you, R was proposed to during her birthday weekend!! I am thrilled for her. I guess we won’t be the crotchety old spinsters living together with 100 cats we always thought we would be! R, no matter what, you will always be the Quiser to my Clairee.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm the most famous reindeer, darnit!

Photo from Rankin/Bass

D was singing the other day. This is how it went;
"You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, Comet, and Cupid, and Darnit and Blitzen..." LOL!

Monday, December 1, 2008

#98. Do something extra special for A each month (2/33)

I meant to post this yesterday but A and I had the evening alone and that is WAY more important.

It was the 30th and I realized that I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary for A this month.

He has been on the search for the perfect salsa for a few months now. Every time he finds a hopeful candidate, it falls short.

I decided to try and make some homemade salsa from a co-workers recipe. I had to change a few things (where do they keep vinegar in the supermarket anyway?) but I think it turned out okay. He likes his salsa hot but I think I made this batch too hot. He said he liked it but I don’t think it will take first place in any contest.

I used canned products per the recipe but I think I am going to try it with fresh veggies next time. ~*~

I think I need to go through my 101 things and be more specific. For example; I can’t wake up early and take Piper for walks the mornings I have D. I am not comfortable leaving her alone in the house. I’d like to remove the one I failed and add something else. I would also like to change “Read a Psalm or Proverb each day” to “Read a scripture each day”. The Psalms aren’t inspiring me at all.

Do you think these changes are fair or cheating?

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