Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Terrible 6’s and crafts gone bad

It seems as though someone has a case of the Terrible 6’s. “Please” and “Thank you” are often forgotten and things are demanded instead of asked for.
I have no idea where this behavior came from! Where did our sweet child go? What were we doing wrong? Needless to say it has been stressing me out. I am so emotionally driven (yeah, I am a woman but I think I have the emotions of a hundred women!) and my feelings were being hurt.
I came up with a set of 4 house rules with “Please and Thank you” being number one. I went over the rules with A and he agreed. He told BM about the rules and she asked for a copy for her home and suggested a 5th rule. I added the 5th rule to both our lists so that we have consistency between the two homes. I made a cute little collage in Photoshop, added the rules and D and I painted and glittered some frames! Problem solved right? WRONG!
The manners flowed last weekend but this weekend we were back to square one. Mid panic attack I emailed The Wicked Stepmom for some advice. Hoping to not come off as a total loony I told her what has been going on. She told me that it may just be a normal 6 year old thing. I won’t quote her response since I did not ask permission but she made me feel so much better.
I also talked to my Mom and she said Sis had a phase just like it when she turned 6. She also told me that I just can’t let it hurt my feelings because it’s not about ME.
Thank God for Mom’s and strangers I meet on the Internet LOL! I will just grow a thicker skin while waiting for this phase to pass. Hey, didn’t I request a copy of “What to expect when you are expecting a 6 year old”?? Oh, that book doesn’t exist you say? Pfft!

On to a different topic; Crafts.
I love doing crafts with D. She always asks to make something with me so I try to have at least one craft planned for our weekends together.I remember making “Stained Glass” when I was little so I thought I’d try it with D this weekend.

WARNING: Do not attempt while surfing the crimson wave! TMI, I know but holy cannoli, the prep work about killed me.

I was too afraid to let D help me grate the crayons so I did it on my own. Every five minutes I heard “Are we ready yet?” It took me forever. Not kidding. I was grouchy. We finally started our project and it made a huge mess. The green shavings exploded on us (due to static electricity I guess?) and the wax bled on the towel and our table cloth. D had a good time and really, that is all that matters to me. We just won’t be doing this project again.

Sorry for the sucktastic photo. It's been cold and gloomy here so I used inside light.

This weekend was defiantly a learning experience for me!

P.S. I also started kitting that scarf for #47 on my list.

You love my man hands right?


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