Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's get it started!

I love finding a blog that I like enough to read it from the beginning. I’ve done that with Stepmother’s Milk, Blonde Lawyer, Wicked Stepmom and now apartment tbd, etc. The only down side is when I am done, I have to wait for an update like everyone else!! I have learned so much from each woman respectively. They are classy, funny and talented each in their own ways.

Thanks to Kay at apartment tbd, etc. I am totally inspired to start some DIY projects. Two years ago, when I purchased my home, I wanted to do the master bedroom in black and white with blue accents (Kay, I know you don’t care much for blue but I LOVE blue). I painted the walls Jamaica Bay and I wanted a bold black on white print for the curtains and a throw pillow or two. I couldn’t find anything I wanted so I kind-of gave up. It didn’t even occur to me that I could MAKE the curtains & pillows! I took sewing in high school and my mom sews all the time. DUH!

Just walking around the fabric department in Wal-Mart I spotted a few things I could have used. I think I will try and achieve that look I originally wanted. So, (or sew) I am asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. I hope I can hold out because I really, really want to go buy one tonight but my budget won’t allow it.

I think I am going to attempt taking down the wall paper in the kitchen (again) this weekend. I picked up some products tonight that should help me. There are like 4 layers of hideous paper I have to get through. The kitchen is by far the ugliest room in the house. The floors are dark, old and just plain nasty. The wall paper is the same. I want something bright. Maybe yellow? The living room is painted Ryegrass so I may do the adjoining wall in Ryegrass and then the rest of the walls white and use color in the utensils like Kay showed us many times in her blog.

I want to get rid of the table and chairs ASAP but I need to decide what I want to replace them with. I do want something small since the space is small. Maybe a circle table with removable leaves?

I was going to post some photos but it will have to wait until later. I haven't washed the dishes yet...


kay* said...

oh thank you for such lovely comments! i am glad you enjoy my blog and that i've inspired you, in whatever small way, to continue decorating. i hope you post lots of pics because i would love to see! i'm especially curious to see your blue wall - while i don't think i could do blue i do see blues in other people homes and mags that i think are just gorge!

i enjoy your blog too and will most definitely be back :)

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