Saturday, November 1, 2008

Killed two birds with one fun filled night

My boss at my night job gave me the evening off to take D trick-or-treating and I was so stoked! I was able to accomplish two things on my list last night.

37. Dress up for Halloween

Why is this on my list?:
I haven’t dressed up for Halloween (in real life) in YEARS!

How did I do it?: I was searching for a Hannah Montana wig online and came across this super cute "Love Spell Witch" costume.

How did it feel?: Well, bad because I used my credit card to buy it but good to get all dolled up! I receive a lot of compliments. (Everyone LOVED A's costume and the whole thing cost less than $10 to put together!)

38. Go trick or treating if we have D and if not, hand out candy

Why is this on my list?:
The last time I went trick or treating was with my niece and nephew ages ago. Last year I stuck a bowl of candy on my door step and hid inside. This year I have a 6 year old Hannah Montana and a sexy spider bitten man to take door-to-door with me.

How did I do it?: Got in the car and drove to the hot spots. We also went Trick-or-trunking at a local church. The members of the church park their cars in the lot of the church, have games and hand out candy from thier trunks. "Trick or trunk, smell my funk..."

How did it feel?:
It was great exercise and a good bonding experience. My favorite part was when D asked me to carry her because her legs were tired. At that moment she saw another house with the porch light on and took off running up a hill. Wait... didn't you say your legs were tired?? LOL!


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