Friday, November 28, 2008

Black celebration

“Let’s have a black celebration tonight
To celebrate the fact
That we’ve seen the back
Of another black day” ~Depeche Mode

So I woke up at 4:45 this morning, got dressed and went to Wal-Mart. Being a Black Friday virgin, I thought it would be busy but Oh. My. Goodness! It was insane! The parking lot was full and I had to park in the parking lot used for the strip mall beside Wal-Mart. I was told to go stake out what I wanted the night before and I should have listened to that advice. I was having trouble finding what I wanted at first. I started out without a cart because I wasn’t too hopeful that I would find anything on my list. I was able to zig and zag fairly easily. I grabbed some small things and then I saw the big things I wanted (I won’t mention what they are incase the recipients of said gifts happen to read the blog) so I grabbed an empty cart. I was ready to check out so I stood in what appeared to be the line. After about 15 minutes of not moving the woman in front of me decided to try and get in a line in the middle of the store (we were in the 20 items or less line) so I followed her. It was a great choice. The only real excitement was that the woman in front of me and one to the side of me were having panic attacks. I got home and was back in bed by 6:10. It wasn’t a horrible experience but I don’t know that I will do it again next year…

All the Christmas decorations went up at work today. We have a 15 foot tree that is just FAB and a Teddy Bear Tree from The Salvation Army. Locals dress up bears and donate them to The Salvation Army who then gives the bears to kids in need. It makes me cry every time they put the tree up. If I get a sewing machine for Christmas, I want to dress a bear for next year.

Sorry for the poopy camera phone photo!

100 Things I am Thankful for
In no specific order:

1. No matter what crappy thing I do, God still loves me
2. I will get to see my Dad in Heaven some day
3. My family
4. My Sweetie
5. My Sweetie’s family
6. Growing up in California
7. MySpace (because that’s where I met A)
8. My two jobs (I hate working so much but I am still thankful to have my jobs) and
9. I am physically able to work two jobs AND
10. I am darn good at them
11. My house
12. That my car is paid for
13. My Blue eyes
14. My natural boobs
15. That I have my dad's nose
16. and my mom's eyes
17. That no matter how much my sister and I fight, we still love each other at the end of the day 18. My kitty and
19. My pooch
20. That I have sight
21. hearing
22. smell
23. touch and
24. taste
25. The calendar on my BB Pearl
26. Chocolate milk
27. The leaves in fall in the Ozarks
28. Springtime
29. Redbox
30. Even though Bess Kitty has cancer, she doesn’t act sick
31. Lukeran (Bess’ meds)
32. I have a se*y phone voice
33. I have rhythm
34. I never started smoking
35. or doing drugs
36. My Mom’s neighbors because they help her when I can’t
37. The internet
38. Bloggers!
39. Freedom of Religion
40. Freedom of speech
41. 80’s & 90’s gothic
42. new wave and
43. industrial music
44. Reality TV
45. Canadian TV
46. DVR
47. My sense of humor
48. A's laugh
49. That I am literate
50. Though I may be in “want” I am not in “need”
51. My Opa is moving to Arkansas
52. Having a day off all to myself
53. That R and I reconnected
54. My true friends
55. Brownies with vanilla ice cream
56. My roof repair only cost $45 (thought I was going to need a new roof!)
57. The ocean
58. The Sims
59. The Sims Online (Now defunct but that’s where I met J)
60. That “Pepe” was a made up person and didn’t really have the struggles she claimed to have with Cystic Fibrosis. Although I pray she gets help for her Munchausen’s or whatever her real deal is.
61. That my asthma has improved significantly since moving out here
62. Timbaland
63. Unlimited mobile to mobile texting
64. That no matter how far I bite these fingernails down, they always grow back
65. Wikipedia
66. Pumpkin pie
67. That I am almost done with Christmas shopping and it’s not even December yet
68. A good nights sleep
69. My health
70. Shawn received new lungs
71. Baby Abby is doing amazing since having her brain surgery
72. Baby Jackie is also doing amazing after her heart surgery
73. I am finally in real love
74. That I learn something new each day
75. A hot shower and
76. clean sheets
77. I am a quick learner
78. A good massage
79. That I can give a good massage
80. Old photos
81. Family recipes
82. Hugs
83. This Italian Chicken Club I am eating right now
84. The fact that no matter how long it's been since we talked, DC and I can always pick up where we left off
85. Wednesday nights with cousin C
86. The color blue
87. Rainy nights snuggled up next to my sweetie
88. Playing in the snow with my pooch
89. Craft time with D
90. When I come home from work and my sweetie has washed the dishes
91. or did the laundry for me
92. Having someone to cook breakfast for
93. Mom's printer that prints photo quality copies
94. That I live within 5 minutes of one job
95. and 10 minutes from the other
96. Spell check
97. Sis took some awesome photos of A, D & me
98. I am a woman
99. My life
100. That I have 100 things (any many more) to be thankful for!


Sojourn said...

I know this is an old post but I new to your blog. I wanted to tell you I loved the “100 things I am thankful for” post. I LOL when I read hot showers and clean sheets because those are two my most thankful for things as well. I often thank God at night when I climb into because it's warm, clean and soft. I even thank Him for my washer/dryer because they make clean sheets more convenient.

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