Tuesday, November 11, 2008

43. Stop working so much

Due to stupid decisions I have made and continue to make regarding credit card use, I have backed myself into a corner with my finances. Therefore I need to work two jobs. Last year I was working 6 days a week around 11 hours a day (only 3 to 4 on Saturday). I am down to working a second job 3 nights a week. Working my tail off was just fine as a swinging single but bring A & D into the equation and working two jobs just plain sucks… I miss out on time with people I adore because I am either at work or so tired from working that I am in a grumpy mood.

Today I am wracking my brain as to what I can do so I only have to work one job.

The hours at my primary job were (voluntarily) cut to 37.5 hours per week. The mortgage business is crappy right now so work is slow. Plus, I really enjoy the extra time to sleep in. Things are about to start picking up for me because I am helping out our mother branch. I am going to try and get in 40 hours a week and see what that does to my paycheck.

I also go credit card crazy. I have Obsessive Shopping Disorder. Some call it a disease, some call it lack of self control, either way, it’s what I’ve got. I make lists upon lists and then go shopping. Clothes, cleaning supplies, food, crafts… anything. It is a short term fix for whatever I am stressed or anxious about at that moment. It’s like crack. Once I realize what I have done, and especially when I get the bill, I feel ill but I can’t seem to stop. The thought of cutting up my credit card scares the s*it out of me.

I am going to try…try and only use my card if I absolutely need it (unexpected costs). I also need to quit eating out. I only do it because it is easier than cooking. Eating out all the time is preventing me from #36. Lose at LEAST 20 lbs.

It looks like I have a huge domino effect going on; Quit the compulsive spending – bills are lower – no second job and possibly loose some weight and stress in the process.

Please say a prayer for me. I am not good in the self control area. This is going to take a lot of work but I think it will be worth it. I say I will start today but Christmas is coming up and I don’t want to set myself up for failure so soon!


On an up side, A and I went to The Marines 233rd birthday party (all the men in his family are Marines) and we had a great time. Don't we look cute?


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