Friday, October 3, 2008

Day Three

Doesn’t Piper look so cute in her coat?!

Well, I failed #16. I was 2 minutes late to work today because I couldn’t find my keys. I am disappointed because this was really important to me. I am still going to try and get to work on time for the remainder of the challenge.

The Wii didn’t get hooked up when we got the new TV so I will start working out on it this weekend. A hooked up the Wii for me last night and made me get on to at least weigh myself. I weighed 184.5 at 8:30 last night. That isn’t too bad since I have been in the 190s lately.

I am still experimenting with blog layouts. I really like this one because it’s the look I want and it’s easy to edit but it’s so dang small and the comments aren’t showing up.
Hopefully the weekend will be more exciting...


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