Tuesday, September 30, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge

I am taking the 101 things in 1001 days challenge.
I will start tomorrow, Oct. 1st 2008 and will use this blog to track my progress.
I am very excited about this because I think it will motivate me to do somethings I have wanted to do for a long time.

Here is the list;

1. Find a passion
2. Read an Anna Maxted Book
3. Take an online course
4. Learn more about Photoshop
5. Paint/decorate D's Room
6. Paint the bathroom
7. Tear out the wall paper in the kitchen
8. Get a toon to level 70 in WoW
9. Make the CD's I promised for my mom & A's mom
10. Write a children's book
11. Go through all my paperwork and organize what I do need and shred what I don’t
12. Get Piper to her target weight
13. Wii fit at least 3 times a week
14. Eat more fruits & veggies
15. Floss so that my dentist is impressed next check up
16. Go one month without eating any fast food
17. Quit biting my nails …AGAIN
18. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
19. Go fishing
20. Learn to gut a fish
21. Take a canoe trip
22. Go on a real vacation with A
23. Visit J in Jersey
24. Transfer my home videos from VHS to DVD
25. Plant a little garden
26. Produce veggies from the garden
27. Brush up on my French so that I can carry on a conversation
28. Learn enough Spanish to carry on a conversation
29. Participate in at least one community event each year
30. Find a church both A and I like
31. Go camping
32. Throw a dinner party
33. Learn to drive a stick
34. Sing with my sister in public
35. Read a Bible verse each morning
36. Lose at LEAST 20 lbs
37. Dress up for Halloween
38. Go trick or treating if we have D and if not, hand out candy
39. Learn to apply makeup correctly
40. Design my tattoo
41. Get the tattoo I design
42. Get new front teeth
43. Stop working so much
44. Spend more time with DC
45. VOTE
46. Go biking
47. Knit someone a scarf for the winter
48. Learn to knit something other than a scarf
49. Learn to French braid hair
50. Send birthday cards to family
51. Start taking a multi-vitamin
52. Make some jewelry
53. Learn how to change the oil in my car
54. Give my house some "curb appeal"
55. Paint the overhang on the roof
56. Find 100 things that make me happy
57. Stand next to R as she gets married
58. Make photo albums from my favorite digi photos
59. Open a savings account and maintain a positive balance
60. Try a self tanner
61. Find a way to get my cramps under control
62. Put up a Christmas tree each year
63. Spend a weekend without TV or Internet
64. Organize my "favorites" list on the computer
65. Successfully make an over easy egg
66. Organize the garage
67. Buy a new shed
68. Build a snowman in the front yard
69. Give Christmas Cards to the neighbors & Mail person
70. Bake Christmas cookies for coworkers
71. Make a snow angel
72. Watch an entire New Year countdown show
73. Take a trip with my sister
74. Participate in relay for life
75. Give blood
76. Organize my MP3s
77. Organize my digi photos
78. Have a yard sale
79. See a play with Mom once a year
80. Get a professional manicure
81. Get rid of the clothes I never wear but "think" I will one day
82. Get rid of my socks with holes/with out a partner
83. Join a book club
84. Paint Easter eggs
85. Bake a pie from scratch
86. Learn to make chili
87. Purchase something from a Farmer's Market
88. Do something seriously hillbilly/redneck
89. Take D to the discovery museum
90. Go down a water slide
91. No soda for a month
92. Make this blog more "me"
93. Throw a BBQ at my house
94. Give A a kick butt birthday party
95. Cook at least one homemade dinner for my Mom each year
96. Learn to play a song on my guitar
97. Pay for the person behind me at the drive thru
98. Do something extra special for A each month
99. Encourage someone else to do 101 in 1001
100. Take photos of my 101 things to post on the blog
101. Celebrate completing 101 things in 1001 days!


I decided to start a blog. I don't expect anyone to read it really.
It is just an outlet for me and if someone happens to find it interesting, sweet! If not, that's alright too.

Here is a little about me to start off with.

I AM... blessed
I WANT... to be happy with who I am
I HAVE ... an amazing boyfriend
I KEEP... wondering where my life went
I WISH I COULD... find my passion
I HATE ... how unmotivated I am
I FEAR ... that I won’t be a good mom/step mom
I HEAR... what people say but I don’t always listen
I DON'T THINK... before I speak (sometimes)
I REGRET... nothing because it is all part of the greater picture
I LOVE... A & his family, my family & friends
I AM NOT... a bitch
I DANCE… like sex on heels
I SING ... whenever I can
I NEVER… loose Faith
I REALLY... wish I finished college
I CRY WHEN I WATCH ... others cry
I AM NOT ALWAYS... such a mess
I HATE THAT... I got into debt in my 20’s
I AM CONFUSED ABOUT... my purpose in life
I NEED... to snap out of it
I SHOULD... complete my 101 things in 1001 days challenge

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